Webquest (Version 2 – Group Work / Pair Work)

Challenge – Pair activity online seemed somewhat cumbersome at the beginning. One activity which lent itself to teamwork was a webquest used to introduce the lesson topic. The resources available online are perhaps too broad and had copious amounts of information (Wikipedia or Google). It can be difficult to sift through the amount of data especially for lower-level learners. Creating your own reading material or using specific learning sites such as BBC Bitesize might be better options.

Tools Used – Zoom, Web Browser, Google Documents

Instructions for a group webquest activity

Activity Outline

In this example the learners were asked to research the lesson topic in groups. The activity was used as a warmer. Students enjoyed conducting independent learning and working together with their peers.


Before the Lesson:

1 – Collect links to useful website(s) that the students can use during the webquest.

2 – The teacher prepares a Google Document with comprehension questions (much like a worksheet used in a physical classroom). The answers should all be located somewhere on the site, and ideally the question should give a clue as to the page within the site where the information can be found (eg What are some skills you can learn on the courses? — answer to be found under the heading ‘Courses’). The link to the website you wish learners to use should also be included.


1 – Introduce the topic and explain that the learners are going to find some information on a website. Share the link to the Google doc and send learners to breakout rooms in groups of three. Check and monitor understanding by visiting rooms as learners organise themselves to share screens and research the answers.

2 – If any group is struggling, steer them towards the subject headings and ask concept questions to elicit the correct choice to click. Encourage more confident internet navigators to explain their actions for those who are not as fluent.

5 –  Nominate one student to be the ‘presenter’ – this person will take notes and present back to the class.

6 –  Open the breakout rooms and set a timer.

7 –  Monitor the breakout rooms to help out weaker learners.

8 –  When reconvened in the main room, instruct them to present their findings to the class. Encourage discussion by asking other students’ opinions about presentation topics.

See the below for an example of how this method was used in an online class.

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