Monitoring Student Activity.

Challenge – It can be difficult to monitor student activity while in break-out rooms. Moving between break-out rooms is time-consuming. Most students do not have lap-tops which makes the use of shared documents problematic. The solution presented here is to use an online ‘backchannel’ for direct communication with students. Activity Outline This method is intendedContinue reading “Monitoring Student Activity.”

Using the Annotate Function on Zoom to Monitor Learner Understanding

Challenge –Monitoring learner understanding and basic literacy at the lowest levels is hard to do online. Whereas in the classroom a teacher can check individuals’ written work in the course of the lesson, online it is unclear to the teacher what exactly the learner is writing down or how much they have understood. The solutionContinue reading “Using the Annotate Function on Zoom to Monitor Learner Understanding”

Using Whatsapp as a Channel for Sharing Classwork, Homework and Resources

Challenge – At the start of online teaching, one of the challenges was delivering and getting lower level learners who were mostly using mobiles phones to engage in the lesson. Using Whatsapp as a tool for sharing resources has worked especially well with this group. This has not only given learners the chance to takeContinue reading “Using Whatsapp as a Channel for Sharing Classwork, Homework and Resources”

Using the Zoom Chat Box to Communicate

Challenge – A few months into the online model, lower level learners were introduced to the Zoom chat box wherein they could type their answers in lieu of the Whatsapp photos. The main challenge here was the unfamiliarity with the English keyboard, which meant they spent more time searching for the letters and struggled aContinue reading “Using the Zoom Chat Box to Communicate”

Using Zoom Chat to Facilitate Speaking Activities

Challenge – In a classroom discussion can easily be facilitated by the provision of speaking prompts (e.g., a sheet with questions). When sent into smaller groups online however, students will often forget the focus of the speaking activity and discussion will often run-out-of-steam. An easy way to overcome this is for the teacher to pasteContinue reading “Using Zoom Chat to Facilitate Speaking Activities”

Using PDF Files For Online Reading Activities

Challenge – It can be challenging to do reading activities online as often learners do not have an access to a printer or computer, meaning they will be viewing the reading materials on a mobile phone. Moreover, if you want learners to do group reading activities in breakout rooms, they will not be able toContinue reading “Using PDF Files For Online Reading Activities”