Teaching New Vocabulary By Using Padlet To Move Images and Text.

Challenge – It is easy to get stuck in a rut when teaching vocabulary online. It is difficult to recreate matching activities, or any ‘hands on’ activity, which in the physical classroom would make a more dynamic and engaging atmosphere.  The solution presented here is to use Padlet in order to move images around theContinue reading “Teaching New Vocabulary By Using Padlet To Move Images and Text.”

Using Interactive Crosswords For Spelling

Challenge – Most learners find English spelling extremely difficult and it can be hard to find engaging ways to help them retain all the words they learn in lessons.  The solution presented here is to use an interactive crossword which learners can fill in themselves online.  This  gives a memorable and visual way to rememberContinue reading “Using Interactive Crosswords For Spelling”

Randomly Generating Vocabulary for Practice

Challenge – In the physical classroom the teacher will often use sets of vocabulary cards in various contexts to enable the learners to practice a specific set of vocabulary. They are quick to produce and provide a randomly generated (shuffled) order which is useful for helping learners to apply their learning. Online it is possibleContinue reading “Randomly Generating Vocabulary for Practice”