Using Whatsapp as a Channel for Sharing Classwork, Homework and Resources

Challenge – At the start of online teaching, one of the challenges was delivering and getting lower level learners who were mostly using mobiles phones to engage in the lesson. Using Whatsapp as a tool for sharing resources has worked especially well with this group. This has not only given learners the chance to takeContinue reading “Using Whatsapp as a Channel for Sharing Classwork, Homework and Resources”

Using the Zoom Chat Box to Communicate

Challenge – A few months into the online model, lower level learners were introduced to the Zoom chat box wherein they could type their answers in lieu of the Whatsapp photos. The main challenge here was the unfamiliarity with the English keyboard, which meant they spent more time searching for the letters and struggled aContinue reading “Using the Zoom Chat Box to Communicate”

Using Padlet to Facilitate Peer Assessment and Learning

Challenge –It can be challenging to get students to assess and learn from other’s work  in online platforms like Zoom. That’s because it can be difficult for peers to share work in Zoom, especially when students are accessing learning via their phone and cannot share files so easily.   The solution presented here is to useContinue reading “Using Padlet to Facilitate Peer Assessment and Learning”