Using Whatsapp as a Channel for Sharing Classwork, Homework and Resources

Challenge – At the start of online teaching, one of the challenges was delivering and getting lower level learners who were mostly using mobiles phones to engage in the lesson. Using Whatsapp as a tool for sharing resources has worked especially well with this group. This has not only given learners the chance to take that first step towards digital literacy but more importantly has given them the confidence to engage in the online lesson.

Tools Used – Zoom, WhatsApp

Activity Outline

In this example Whatsapp* (where it’s an issue of safeguarding, Googledocs can be a viable substitute)  was used as a backchannel essentially with absolute beginner learners as a way of sharing resources, classwork, homework, correct and collate errors and monitor class activity.

Example of student Homework sent via WhatsApp and makred using WhatsApp annotate function



1 – Instruct learners to write their answers/ responses in their books.

2 – Ask them to take a photo of their work and share it on Whatsapp.

3 – The teacher can mark the work on and share it back on Whatsapp.

4 – The teacher can also collate the common errors and put them up the Zoom whiteboard for the whole class. It helps reinforce spelling and punctuation rules.

Common Errors Displayed and Corrected Using Zoom Whiteoard Function

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