Using Padlet to Facilitate Peer Assessment and Learning

Challenge –It can be challenging to get students to assess and learn from other’s work  in online platforms like Zoom. That’s because it can be difficult for peers to share work in Zoom, especially when students are accessing learning via their phone and cannot share files so easily.   The solution presented here is to use Padlet as a way for students to share each other’s work and give live feedback.

Tools Used – Padlet, Zoom Breakout Rooms

An Example Padlet Wall

Activity Outline

In this example students were asked to do a collaborative writing task on Padlet using modals of speculation. Each group of three was placed in a zoom breakout room. complete a gap-fill in groups.


Before the Lesson:


1 – Introduce the activity using share/screen and concept-checking. Students will be working independently of teacher in break-out rooms so it is important that they understand the task.

2 – Tell students that in groups of three they will need to complete their writing task, using the target language, grammar point ect in their assigned column on the Padlet document. Model one example, showing how to open padlet and how to write under each column by clicking on the add button.

An example Padlet Wall

3 – Nominate one student per group to be the scribe and share their screen with the group in the breakout room. .If students do not know how to share screen, the teacher should model this skill. 

4 – Teachers can monitor groups progress by looking at the Padlet document as students’ answers can be viewed once the students input them. Teachers can join breakout rooms to provide support where needed.

5 – Once all groups have completed some written responses in Padlet, the teacher can highlight students’ comments which may include some mistakes and ask other groups to error correct the answers in the Add Comments section. The teacher can also ask students to vote on the best responses using the reactions tool.

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